Course curriculum

    1. Safety Culture vs Safety Climate

    2. The Example of Mr. Right

    1. Why they are important?

    2. The expample of Mrs. Flow

    1. Priority - Standardising - Flexible

    2. Learning - Teamwork

    3. Reporting - Just

    1. Priority

    2. Standartising

    3. Flexible

    4. Learning Part 1

    5. Learning Part 2

    6. Teamwork

    7. Reporting

    8. Just

    1. Summary

    2. The 7 Dimensions - Synopsis

    3. Mr. Green

    4. Closing - Thank you

    1. Final Quiz

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Safety Culture - Safety Climate

Comparing the two terms with the examples in this course we can say that Culture refers to the enduring and stable values that people have while Climate refers to people perception which changes.

  • Definitions of Safety Culture and Safety Climate and how they are interconnected.T The 7 dimensions that have an impact on the overall Safety Culture.

  • Why is Safety Culture considered important in the working environment and its role in an overall Management System.

  • The dimensions that make the difference in developing a sustained positive safety culture

  • Our relation to the construction of a positive safety culture.

  • How to use the dimensions to contribute into, and maintain a Safety Culture.